INFOSYS donates £250,000, the highest so far!

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The Lakshmi Mittal Family donates £100,000

Infosys founder N R Narayana Murthy and his family have donated 200,000 pounds


N R Narayana Murthy and his family have donated £200,000 towards the cost of installing a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Parliament Square here, a trust formed for the purpose of raising funds for the statue said on Tuesday.

The Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust said the donation is from Murthy, Sudha Murthy, and their children Rohan and Akshata. The donation helped the trust cross the 750,000 pounds mark, it said. Industrialist Rahul Bajaj had also donated 200,000 pounds for the statue in December.

With a target of 1 million pounds, the trust has been organising exhibitions in India and receiving funds from major and minor donors from across the world. The decision to install the statue was announced by Chancellor George Osborne during his visit to India last year.

The trust quoted Murthy as saying: “Mahatma Gandhi was someone who demonstrated the tremendous power of leadership by example. His courage and commitment are an inspiration and I am delighted that his statue will stand in such a respected setting.”

Meghnad Desai, chair of the trust, said the Murthys’ donation “once again shows the deep historic links between India and the UK, as well as the respect that Mahatma Gandhi commands and the importance of having his statue at Parliament Square.”

The trust also announced two new patrons, Countess Patricia Mountbatten and Lady Pamela Hicks, who joined the trust to acknowledge the long association of their father – Lord Mountbatten – with Gandhi.

The last viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten oversaw the transfer of power in India in 1947.

Rahul Bajaj Donates 200,000 Pounds for Gandhi Statue in UK

Leading industrialist Rahul Bajaj has become the largest donor for the Mahatma Gandhi statue to be unveiled at Parliament Square in London in early 2015.

The Bajaj Auto chairman donated 200,000 pounds to the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust, set up by NRI economist Lord Meghnad Desai to raise funds for the sculpture.

“This is a wonderful gift for the Trust just before the New Year,” said Lord Desai, accepting the donation on behalf of the trust.

He added, “Rahul Bajaj epitomises the best of Indian industrialists who have seen the transition of India from colonial rule to independence. When he called me a month ago to express his desire to donate, he was straightforward and impressive.”

“He was happy to give the donation because he is a true Gandhian and a believer in those values. The Bajaj family has been associated with Gandhiji for a long time. It is fitting that Rahul Bajaj has made this tremendous gesture,” he said.

With the latest donation, the estimated 750,000-pound budget target for the project is expected to be completed by January next year with the launch of the statue expected in the first half of the new year.

The trust said that small and large donations continue to flow in through the gandhistatue.Com website from Gandhians in the UK and around the world.

It had also held an exhibition-cum-sale of works by some of India’s leading artistes in New Delhi recently as part of the fund-raising drive.

UK-based NRI hotelier Vivek Chadha donates 100,000 pounds for Mahatma Gandhi statue


A 26-year-old UK-based NRI hotelier has donated 100,000 pounds for the statue of Mahatma Gandhi planned for Parliament Square in London, becoming the youngest donor.

Vivek Chadha, director of Nine Hospitality Limited and a hotel owner, residential developer and commercial investor in UK real estate, is a self-confessed follower of Gandhi.

He graduated as a civil engineer in 2010 from University College London, also the alma mater of the Father of the Indian Nation.

“I am interested in particular how Gandhi emphasised the privilege of giving and practiced compassion in creative ways. The fact that Gandhi concentrated all his energy in the service of others is a great example of how all young people should follow this idea in our day-to-day lives,” Chadha said.

“It is very important that young people like Vivek step forward and donate towards this noble cause and he joins a very important growing group of British Asians who have responded generously,” said economist Lord Meghnad Desai, founder and chair of the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust who pointed to the worldwide support for the project.

More than 50 per cent of the money raised so far has come from UK, and 80 per cent of our 180 donors are British. Many small donations have come to the charity as people have reached out. More than 90,000 pounds have been received through smaller, mostly UK-based donors who have given anything between 1 to 15,000 pounds.

NRI entrepreneur donates 100,000 pounds for Gandhi statue


An Indian-origin entrepreneur and social activist has taken the lead by donating the biggest sum of money yet for the proposed statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Parliament Square in London.

Rami Ranger, director of Sun Mark Limited, has contributed 100,000 pounds to the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust, which is coordinating the public fundraising process for the sculpture expected to be inaugurated here by early next year.

“The world owes Gandhiji a huge debt of gratitude for liberating one fifth of mankind through non-violence thereby creating a better world,” said Ranger, whose business interests range from shipping to beverage manufacturing to property development.

The trust said other donors from around the world are also stepping forward to contribute towards the iconic statue, taking it closer to its aim of raising around 750,000 pounds.

“There are pledges of large amounts due to be realised in the next month while smaller donations continue to flow into the website with its online donation facilities,” the trust said in a statement.

“This is more good news which adds to the steady flow of donations which have been coming in from all around the world through our website as awareness spreads,” added Lord Meghnad Desai, the chair of the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust.

“It is the combination of lots of small donations and a few large ones which is taking us swiftly to our final goal. But, of course, we still welcome all those who would like to donate. As Gandhiji said: ‘If the cause is right, the means will come,'” he added.

The bronze statue, created by sculptor Philip Jackson based on Gandhi’s last visit to London in 1931, will be the last one to be placed on Parliament Square. Britain’s war- time Prime Minister Winston Churchill and South African anti-apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela is already placed on the square.

The statue depicts Gandhi without a stick, draped in a heavy shawl, but bare legged and contemplative. It is being created on the lost wax process, which dates back to the Graeco-Roman times and follows the same procedure as that of the famous Renaissance sculpture of David created by Donatello.

Aditi Khanna in London

Another Major Donor – Deepak Yadav

Deepak Yadav, CEO & MD, Yadu Corporation

Deepak Yadav is the CEO and Managing Director of India based Yadu Corporation, which is a group of companies belonging to the corporation promoted by Deepak and his associates. Yadu Corporation has interests in the field of power generation, bio-mass, sugar, paper, bio-fertilizer, education, real estate, hospitality etc.

With grateful thanks to the following donors, along with the names of the artists and their artworks:

Mr.Sunil K Munjal has bought art by

Chandra Bhattacharjee
B Manjunath Kamath
Atul Dodiya

Chandra Bhayttacharya-ACRYLIC ON CANVAS 36 x 22 INCHES, 2014

Chandra Bhattacharjee
Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 22”

B Manjunath Kamath

B.Manjunath Kamath
Untitled, Digital Print on Archival Paper, 96” x 14”

Atul Dodiya portfolio

Atul Dodiya
Portfolio of 12 prints
Re-Imagining Bapu
20” x 14”

Mrs.Gurveen & Mr.Sanjeev Singh bought this painting by

Jatin Das

Jatin Das -Gandhi Conte Drawing 2014 (2)

Gandhi: Danda Dandi March
30” x 22”
Conte on Acid Free Handmade Paper

Mrs. Ami & Mr.Dushyant Dave bought this painting by

Parthiv Shah

Parthiv Shah

Photograph on Archival Paper
24” x 19”

Mrs.Sneha & Mr.Harish Sheth has bought art by

Sudip Roy

Sudip Roy - 48 x 36 inches - Oil on Canvas - GANDHI JI

For the Sake of Peace
48” x 36”
Oil on canvas

The Indian School has bought this painting by

Suraj Kumar Kashi

Suraj Kr Kashi,
Past, Present & Future
48” x 48”, Acrylic, Oil & Canvas

Dr.Deepak Rosha has bought this painting by

Mainaz Bano

Mainaz Bano

Freedom 1st
16” x 11”
Mixed Media on Paper

Charity Donors:
Lord Suri
Lord Griffiths of Forestfach
Lord Kinnock
Mrs Usha B.Rao
Sharad B. Parikh
Countess Patricia Mountbatten
Lady Pamela Hicks
Lord Soley
Lord Smith of Finsbury
Lord haskins
Baroness jay
baroness Flather
Lord and lady Carter
The Cayo Foundation ( Lord Ashcroft)
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation ( Lord Chandos)
Mr and Mrs C.Boyle
The retail Banking Academy ( Michael Lafferty)
Vinod and Rashmi Patel`
Briadier Retired Krishan Kumar
Dr Mayur Joshi
Lord Whitty
Lord Dubs
Lord Richard
Lord Boswell
Lord Lloyd of Berwick
Baroness Cohen
Lord Bamford
Lord Loomba
Lord Giddens
Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
Lord Armstrong of Ilminster
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
Lord Gavron
Lord Skidelsky
Lord Donoghue
Lord Balfe
Lord Brookman
Lord MacLennan
Lord Rana
Lord Evans
Lord Davies (Q)
Lord McNally
Baroness Billingam
Lord and Lady Hunt ( Julian)
Lord and Baroness Howe
Lord Guthrie
Lord Butler of Brockwell
Lord Marlesford
Lord Gulam Noon
Lord Evans of Temple Guiting
Sathi Alur
Keyur Anilkant Buch
Sandhya Adhe
Sujoy Roy
helen patel
Noni Sahota
renu reddy
Malcolm Corbett
Raju Khagram
Praveen Hariharan
Sudarshna Sharma
Shashi Bala Gupta
Atul Aggarwal
Richard West
Andrew Britton
Hiten Rajpara
Yoga N V S Pinisetti
Michael Bates
richard chattaway
Mr & Mrs B R T Kiri
David Eastaff
Sean Moran
Geoffrey Galloway
Rick Edmondson
Hugo Dixon
Nitin Desai
Mukti Jain Campion
nilam sharma
Ajay kumar Komuravelly
Venugopal Panchamukhi
Navaratnam Bhuvanendran
Jaya kumari Bhamidipati
Kishan Dhote
Rinesh Brahmbhatt
Anshul Sharma
Ujjal Ghosal
Anil Kumar
Ambuj Tyagi
K P Muni
Rina Jethwa
Narinder Kapur
Miriam Harrison
Bharat Jashanmal
Anthony Appleby
Reginald Massey
steve smith
Allan Friswell
B Nel
Davendra Tanna
Srikanth Iyengar
Amit Roy
Adam Austerfield
Nevin Dora
Apoorv Upreti
Krishna Murthy PVNSS
Ramakrishnan Ramaratnam
Narasimhan M.G.
Charu Khopkar
Bijay Jayaswal
Naresh Kurapati
Sukhwinder Arora
Jagdeep Jaiswal
Waman Jog
Shailendra Anjaria
Aaditya Sarna
Vidya Sagar Thammandra
Regeev Govindan
Dinesh Khanna
Pankaj Prasad
Simon Haskel
Meghnad Desai
Amar Gupta
Tapan Mehta
Suresh Gupta
Sven Desai
Simon MacLoughlin
Deepak Yadav

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